Property Development Finance

Realistic Financial Solutions for Property Development Projects

At Your Financial Toolbox, we specialise in procuring property development finance to fund your residential, commercial, or mixed-use development project. Getting the right guidance and financial advice is critical to the success of your project and ensuring the achievement of your development goals. 

The investment needs of your current project might stop you from taking on new opportunities, or you might be lacking the funds necessary for that larger project you strive towards. Planning issues might also be a hurdle. Mainstream lenders often will not offer sufficient funding or have tougher criteria for their loans. Experience in construction might not be enough. 

If you do not have a couple of projects under your name, getting the funding you need might not be that easy. 

So what are your options? 

We offer an alternative approach through an array of financial solutions and loans to get your project off the ground. So, for example, if you’re an experienced Contractor, we can help you become a successful Property Developer and give you the momentum to expand and increase your overall profit. 

Using your own money may not be the best strategy for growing your business quickly. Leveraging your collateral and using Equity can be a viable option to boost your output, save on cost of materials and services by working on sites simultaneously. Thus, you won’t have to wait for sales that are dragging to come through as you can deploy or alternative solution to start your new project without any ‘stop or start’.

Your Financial Toolbox offers a variety of products to suit your of funding requirements based on where you are on your journey. We offer Property Development Mortgages, Acquisition and Development Loans, Senior Debt loans, Mezzanine Lending, or European Development Funding, among other flexible and reliable solutions. We can provide answers and advice for first time developers, as well as for experienced investors. 

How we work with you

Demand for quality property development is growing and while there is much profit to be made, there are also some risks. The road to becoming a Property Developer must be navigated carefully to avoid making costly mistakes. Your Financial Toolbox can steer you to the opportunities are most likely to succeed to save you time and effort. It’s about matching criteria with the requirements presented.

Financing must be adjusted to your project – whether you are looking to go after a Land Development project, a New Build, or a simpler Buy to Let Loan – our expert team will find you the best and most adequate solution for your specific case. If your aiming toward international ventures in Europe, we can engage several European and Wealth Funds that can make available higher ticket development finance.

We have partnerships with established private lenders made up of Institutions and Wealth funds, as well as Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals that will increase the Loan to Value and Bridge any funding gap through development loans, profit sharing or joint venture schemes. Your Financial Toolbox will assist in understanding your market to facilitate an appropriate plan for you.

Do you meet the criteria?

If you have outstanding experience and capital, you are seen as an ideal customer for a property development mortgage, acquisition and development loan, or to receive funding to expand into new and exciting projects. 

Lenders are more likely to approve developers who have done successful deals before as this shows them their experience and is seen as less of a risk. Using JV Equity partners will allow you to grow bigger by tackling various projects at once that will in turn bring higher profit more quickly. 

To succeed in your property development project, you need to show a reasonable competence in completing Appraisals correctly by showing profit and expenditure (costs), cost of finance, Gross Development Value (GDV), Schedule of Works and Time line. An up-to-date Red Book Valuation or several comps are also helpful in evidencing the Gross Development Value (GDV). A good CV is also important to show past completed projects. 

Whether it is Senior Debt, Mezzanine or Equity, Your Financial Toolbox is here to find you the right financial tools for your business to grow and guide you on your property development journey.

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